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Terms & conditions

Inquiries: sensations@timeforsenses.com


The touristic services offered by Time for Senses and the website www.timeforsenses.com are designed and sold by Time for Senses S.A.S. with a capital of 8000 € registered in Nanterre’s B Commercial Register under n° 949 700 504, whose headquarters are located at 41 Avenue Sainte-Foy, 92200, Neuilly-sur-Seine


  1. Time for Senses: The Incoming Agency, intermediary in France

  2. Client: Travel agency concluding the travel contract for its client

  3. Traveler: person having the right to travel on the basis of this contract.

  4. Website: www.timeforsenses.com website.

  5. Order/booking: Any final purchase of a Service made by a Client via the website, by email, or by telephone.

  6. Service: service described on the proposal and provided to the Client like a tourist package, accommodation, tickets etc.

  7. Provider: Any Service provider provided by Time for Senses like hotels, transporters etc.

  8. Description: sheet describing the characteristics of each product provided on the Order date, relevant to the compulsory prior information that must be communicated to Clients.

  9. Tourist package: service combining at least two different types of travel services, including transport, accommodation or any other touristic service, of more than 24h or including one overnight stay.


  1. Client sends a request to Time for Senses, via whatsapp, phone or filling online form.
  2. Client receives from Time for Senses a proposal with the services for the itinerary.
  3. Client accepts and confirms the itinerary.
  4. Time for Senses sends a proforma with the services confirmed by Client. All the prices include VAT. By receiving the proforma client accepts the Terms & Conditions
  5. Client proceeds with payment of the proforma
  6. Time for Senses sends travel documents needed: final itinerary and tickets if needed.

cancellation: by tHe client

  1. All Cancellations must be advised in written.
  2. Train, Tickets, Museums, Non Refundable: 100% costs are due at the moment of buying.
  3. We are committed to third parties, once your itinerary is confirmed, if you decide to cancel all or a portion of the itinerary, we may not always be able to refund or cancel any costs owed by you.
  4. If you need to cancel more than 65 days before the service starts, there will be a 20% cancellation fee. 
  5. If you decide to cancel between 64 and 30 days prior to the start of the service, there will be a 40% cancellation fee. 
  6. If you cancel between 29 and 15 days prior to the start of the service, there will be an 80% cancellation fee. 
  7. If you cancel 14 days prior to the start of the service, there will be a 100% cancellation fee.
  8. Weather conditions: we are committed to third parties, once the itinerary is confirmed and the date of the service has arrived, services might be refundable only if the third parties consider that it is not possible to deliver the service and the third party agrees to refund.
  9. Complaints and Claims addressed to receive a partial or full refund are not allowed 10 days after the execution of each service.

Terms of payment & prices

  1. All the payments must be done in Euros.
  2. All the prices include VAT.
  3. All payments must be done up front
  4. Time for Senses is not able to book any of the services without a previous payment.
  5. The prices sent by Time for Senses do not include: personal expenses, dry-cleaning and room service, tips and any other gratuities, specific insurances, shipping fees for travel documentation, services (excursions, tours, sport) purchased on site, excess baggage fees, telephone costs, administrative and health formality fees, special extras such as Christmas, New Year’s Eve or for a special occasion, extra costs unknown at the time of booking like visitors’ taxes, fees for visas or tourist cards, that the Client must most often pay upon arrival.
  6. Time for Senses is not able to confirm availability of any of these experiences until we have received your confirmation and payment to secure the reservations – timings are subject to change.
  7. The payment should be made by Credit Card or by International Bank Transfer.
  8. Client agrees to accept all bank charges as applicable
  9. Time for Senses provides its clients with a secure credit card payment method.
  10. If clients confirm services more than 65 full calendar days prior to the first service, they will pay 50% of the total value of the services requested at the time of confirmation; the remaining 50% will be paid 65 full calendar days prior to the first service
  11. If clients confirm services 65 full calendar days or less prior to the first service, they will pay 100% of the total value of the services requested at the time of confirmation.
  12. It is understood that clients confirm services when clients unequivocally request Time for Senses, by any means, to contract services under this agreement.
  13. If it is a quotation for the following year and the traveler wants to keep the rates presented on the proposal, the payment must be 100%
  14. The rates from one year to the next are always flexible.

Cancellation: by time for senses

Time for Senses works to deliver exactly what it is promised on the proposal sent, however, due to availability some experiences need to be changed. Time for Senses always will advise before any minor changes on the itinerary.


Insurance is not included in the service prices and it is advised for travelers to obtain their own insurance and assistance contract to cover cancellation cases, specific risks, and medical repatriation expenses in case of accidents or illnesses.


  1. Time for Senses is not liable for any financial consequences resulting from non-compliance caused by the traveler. This includes fees related to lost travel documents, debts owed to third parties, and the loss of identity or other necessary documentation required for leaving the country.
  2. The Client is notified that Time for Senses cannot be held accountable under any circumstances for damages that are unpredictable, unavoidable, and caused by the traveler, unrelated third parties, or exceptional circumstances such as war, terrorist attacks, health risks, riots, revolutions, nuclear disasters, extreme weather conditions, or natural events like cyclones, earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, clouds, sandstorms, and more.
  3. Under no circumstances will Time for Senses be held responsible if an incident occurs during services that were purchased outside of the confirmations, directly on site by the client from an external provider, or as a result of a personal initiative taken by the client.
  4. Time for Senses accepts responsibility for ensuring the proper performance of the booking with reasonable care and skill. However, we will not accept responsibility in the following cases: If a member of the traveler’s party is at fault, If the failure is the fault of someone not associated with our service provision, If the failure is beyond our reasonable control, For the acts or omissions of our agents, sub-contractors, and suppliers who have acted outside our authority.
  5. Time for Senses liability is limited to the total sum charged for the booking, including deposits and administration charges, excluding any personal injury resulting from our failure or improper performance of the services. This liability is subject to specific limitations.
  6. Time for Senses instructs suppliers and local representatives not to act as its agents for booking any activities that are not directly booked through us. They do not serve as Time for Senses agents when providing assistance in such cases, and Time for Senses assume no liability for these activities.
  7. For any special requirements, the traveler must inform Time for Senses at the time of booking. This allows us to check if we can accommodate the request and communicate it to our suppliers. However, we cannot guarantee that all requirements can be met. It’s important to note that Time for Senses is not a specialized disabled holiday company, but we will make every effort to cater to any special needs you may have.
  8. Travelers and their party members are responsible for their behavior. Both  suppliers and Time for Senses retain the right to deny boarding on a private jet, boat, or car, as well as the right to remove any individual or party member from transportation, accommodation, or any part of the holiday if they are intoxicated, under the influence of alcohol or drugs, reasonably suspected of possessing illegal substances, engaging in violent, disruptive, dangerous, or irresponsible behavior, or acting in a way that poses a risk or causes annoyance to others. In such cases, no refunds, compensation, or reimbursement for costs or expenses will be provided by us.


Traveler and Client accept the Terms & Conditions once they confirm the services to book or by paying the proforma with the services.